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LG is undoubtedly a top brand, renowned for making an assortment of top-quality home appliances – clothes dryers included. But despite being incredible machines, they do have a few quirks, one of which entails the dryer failing to blow enough heat when running.

Well, there could be multiple grounds why you end up frustrated with completely or partially wet clothes even after a complete drying cycle. Or rather, why your LG dryer isn’t heating up. So, read on as we delve into a few common causes of this dryer malfunction.

3 Common Causes for LG Dryer Not Heating Up

Causes of your LG dryer not heating up may vary, depending on whether you own a gas or electric model, although some apply to both. Even so, the three most typical reasons why your LG dryer might be experiencing heating issues include:

1. Blown Thermal Fuse – Electric and Gas

Both electric and gas LD dryers include a thermal fuse as a safety component. It’s designed to prevent overheating hazards by shutting down the burner or the heating element in gas and electric models, respectively. Often, thermal fuses blow due to clogged dryer vents. If proven to lack continuity by a repair technician, have a new one installed.

2. Defective Heating Element – Electric

Typical electric LG dryers feature a coiled-up, thin, and long heating element. Unfortunately, it tends to short circuit sometimes, affecting the dryer’s capacity to generate heat. You might want it checked by a repair technician and have it replaced if faulty.

3. Faulty Igniter or Flame Sensor – Gas

If the igniter or flame sensor malfunctions, your gas LG Dryer won’t blow heat. Have both elements checked for any damages or visible cracks and replace them if necessary.

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