Heat Pump Repair in Riverside County 

When it comes to reliable heat pump repair service in Coachella Valley, our heat pumps repair team at Multi Appliance knows what to look for to tune up your devices and keep them working at optimum. We have the tools, tricks, and HVAC experience to ensure your heat pump repair is in good condition for a warm and cozy home.

Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair

Signs that show your heat pump requires immediate repair vary significantly. Our clients mostly look for the following common ones:

  • Aging System: No device last forever, and most heat pumps will last about 15 years or so before needing a repair. We also offer mini-split heat pump repair services with 10 to 30 years of typical lifespan.
  • Excessive Noise: Strange noises with clangs, bangs, or clicks is a sign you need to get professional heat pump repair ASAP.
  • Higher Electricity Bill: Most heat pumps will use excess electricity when not functioning well. A rise in your monthly bill is a typical sign you need a heat pump repair.
  • Reduced Heat Output: If you notice a reduction in heat output, consult a heat pump repair professional to evaluate the pump's efficiency.


Types of Heat Pumps We Repair

Our heat pump repair services cover all the three core heat pumps used in Coachella Valley. They are:

  • Air Source Heat Pump: This is the most common heat pump in most homes. It is less expensive and proves to be more efficient than traditional central systems.
  • Ground Source Heat Pump: Also called geothermal, these are more stable pumps with underground piping. They are relatively expensive to install with high upfront costs.
  • Water Source Heat Pump: These heat pumps use water and require a lake or a large water body on a property to operate. They also offer hot water.

Local Heat Pump Repair Technicians

Regular heat pump repair service will help keep your monthly costs low and get the bolts out of the equipment over a long duration. At Multi Appliance Repair, we will help you inspect, clean, maintain, and repair your heat pumps at competitive prices. We take pride in serving local homeowners and look forwards to making you our next loyal customer.

Contact us today to schedule a heat pump repair service.