Is your washing machine acting up and making you worried? We’re here to help! If you live in Palm Springs, we can fix your washer so you can have clean clothes again. We’re like the doctor for your washing machine. With our washer repair Palm Springs, your machine will work like new. Plus, if you have other things at home that need fixing, we also offer home appliance repair services in Palm Springs. Need your dryer fixed too? Check out our dryer repair Palm Springs service!

Common Washer Problems We Tackle

Washers help us clean our clothes without scrubbing them by hand. They are great to have, but sometimes they stop working right. That’s when you need washer repair in Palm Springs. Here are some common problems we can fix at Multi Appliance Repair Inc:

Not Spinning Properly:

What’s Wrong: Sometimes, the washer won’t spin the way it should.

Why It Happens: This might be because of a broken motor or if the clothes are not balanced inside.

How We Fix It: We can put in a new motor or fix the balance so it spins just right again.

Water Not Draining:

What’s Wrong: Sometimes the water won’t go out of the washer when it’s done.

Why It Happens: This could be because something is stuck in the hose or the pump isn’t working.

How We Fix It: We will check the hose and the pump and clear or fix whatever is stopping the water.

Excessive Noise:

What’s Wrong: Sometimes, washers can be very loud and make strange noises.

Why It Happens: This might be because something inside is not working right, like the drum or some other part.

How We Fix It: We’ll find what’s making the noise and replace or fix it so the washer runs quietly.

Leaking Water:

What’s Wrong: Sometimes water comes out of the washer and makes a puddle.

Why It Happens: This might be because of a loose hose or a tear in the door seal.

How We Fix It: We’ll check all the parts and make sure they’re tight and not broken.

Not Starting at All:

What’s Wrong: Sometimes the washer won’t turn on at all.

Why It Happens: This could be because of a problem with the electricity or a broken timer.

How We Fix It: We’ll look at the electrical parts and the timer and replace or fix what’s broken.

Whatever the problem, you can trust us to get your washer working right again. If you need home appliance repair services in Palm Springs, including dryer repair Palm Springs, we’re here to help!

Washer repair palm springs

Why People Trust Multi Appliance Repair Inc

Your home appliances, especially those as essential as washers, require expert care. Here’s why San Diego residents have put their trust in our hands:

We Know Our Stuff!

We have a team that knows a lot about fixing things, especially things like washers. Think of them as doctors for your machines. They’ve helped many people with their washer repair in San Diego and Palm Springs also other places too.

Super Quick Help:

Imagine your washer breaks down just before a big party. Uh-oh! But don’t worry. We try our best to fix things super fast. We know how important it is to have a working washer.

Clear Prices:

We promise! No sneaky costs. Before we start fixing it, we’ll tell you how much it will be. This way, you won’t get any surprises later. So if you’re looking for home appliance repair services in Palm Springs, you know the cost upfront.

We Are Super Nice:

Every time you talk to us, we are very nice and helpful. We make sure you feel good about our service. If you have questions about where to get the best dryer repair in Palm Springs, we’re here to help.


Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from washer repair in Palm Springs, do you offer other home appliance repair services?

Yes, we provide a variety of home appliance repair services in Palm Springs, including dryer repair Palm Springs and more.

How soon can I expect someone to attend to my washer repair?

We prioritize your needs and strive to provide same-day or next-day service wherever possible.

Do you offer any warranty on the repair services?

Absolutely! We stand by the quality of our work, and all repairs come with a specific warranty period. The exact details will be provided at the time of service.

How do I know if my washer can be repaired or if it’s better to replace it?

Our expert technicians will conduct a thorough examination and advise you on whether it’s more cost-effective to repair or replace. We always prioritize what’s best for our customers.

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Our Testimonials

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Keith Harrmeyer
stars iconMay 21, 2024
Was quoted $1700 for a new compressor. Price seems steep considering I could get another fridge for that.
Brian Carlson
stars iconMay 17, 2024
Excellent -- arrived in the scheduled window, efficiently diagnosed and patiently explained issues and then provided clear options. I will definitely use again.
Joe McGowan
stars iconMay 16, 2024
The best! Thank you.
Shirley/Stan Shaw
stars iconMay 14, 2024
2nd time we've used Multi Appliance. 1st for clothes dryer issue; this time for electric cook top. Different techs on each call; both professional and efficient. Highly recommend!
David Brodkin
stars iconMay 6, 2024
Slava didn’t have to do any actual repairs, because my landlord decided to replace the refrigerator. But he was very knowledgeable, he explained the problem clearly, and he gave some replacement recommendations. Very professional.
Monte Norgaard
stars iconApril 30, 2024
Fantastic job. I will hire Vic again anytime.
Alice Diaz
stars iconSeptember 19, 2023
He was very nice and checked out my washing machine fully but the cost to fix it was too high and I told him am just going to buy a new one. Great service!
Yvonne Mckenzie
stars iconMay 23, 2023
I am 100% pleased with how quickly this company responded to my call and sent Slava over to diagnose my washer plus serviced my dryer as well. Slava was friendly, professional and efficient. I would highly recommend this company.
Michael Johnson
stars iconMay 22, 2023
Quick and easy. Our problem was mostly user error and our rep showed us exactly how to handle it in the future.
John Petrosky
stars iconMay 20, 2023
Ozzi the technician was excellent!
Marsha Weaver
stars iconMay 19, 2023
Alex did a great job and was most helpful.