HVAC Services in Riverside County

Many applications rely on using an HVAC service. Multi Appliance Repair uses it when improving the efficiency of cooling, ventilation, and heating systems in residential and commercial buildings. Further, they evaluate, enhance, and optimize heat pump systems, air conditioners, and chiller systems. Read on to understand our HVAC service options that help maintain your HVAC systems and reduce your energy consumption at home.

Service areas we cover include Indio, La Quinta, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Palm Springs, and more!

Types of Air Conditioning Services

Our certified HVAC contractors are capable of offering an unlimited number of HVAC repair and installation services using HVAC systems. We can smoothly run the job and ensure your indoor climate stays comfortable and relaxed when you need an air conditioning service. You can get any of the following HVAC services from Multi Appliance Repair. 

  •   AC Replacement and Installation
  •   AC Repairs – All Makes and Models
  •   Heat Pump Repairs
  •   Preventive Maintenance Options
  •   Ductless Mini-Split Systems


Types of Heating Services We Offer

Our heating service team will gladly diagnose any problem that your home heating system experiences. There's a solution to your frustrations if you have a malfunctioning heating system. Therefore, if you need heating service or heating HVAC repair from Multi Appliance Repair, our HVAC contractors will gladly help you. Here are the types of heating services that we offer.

  •   Free Estimates On Heating Installation or Replacements
  •   Heating Replacement and Installations
  •   Heating Repair on all HVAC equipment
  •   Heat Pump Repairs
  •   Ductless Mini-Split Installations and Repairs

HVAC Contractors You Can Trust

We understand the importance of heating services and air conditioning services. Therefore, we recommend choosing HVAC contractors to help you save time, money, and hassle in your HVAC installations and repairs. Multi Appliance Repair has professionals specializing in providing you with the HVAC service you need.

You can contact us to get excellent air conditioning services and heating services. Furthermore, our friendly HVAC contractors champion for maintenance of systems after installations and repairs. They can also guide you on different HVAC topics you want to understand.