Life happens; sometimes our beloved electronic appliances, like washers, go on the fritz. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a pile of laundry and a washer that refuses to cooperate. That’s where we come into the picture. For residents in San Diego, your washer woes are about to end, as we are the washer repair San Diego experts.

Common Washer Problems We Tackle


Washers are super helpful in our homes. But, sometimes, they can stop working right. At Multi Appliance Repair Inc, we have seen lots of washer problems and know how to fix them! Let’s talk about some common problems and what might cause them:

Water not draining:

Imagine you’ve just finished washing your clothes, and now there’s a lot of water stuck at the bottom of the machine. This can be because of things blocking the water’s way or the water pump not working well. Think of the pump as a heart that pushes water out. If it’s not working, the water stays inside.

Washer not spinning:

This is like when you’re on a merry-go-round, and it suddenly stops. Your clothes don’t get cleaned right if the washer doesn’t spin. This might happen if the machine’s motor isn’t working or the belt that helps it spin breaks.

Excessive Noise:

If your washer is making a loud noise, like when you shake a box with toys inside, it might be because the clothes inside are not spread out evenly. Another reason can be if the drum, the big round part inside, has a problem.

The machine won’t start:

Have you ever tried to turn on a toy, but it didn’t work because the batteries were dead? Similarly, if the washer doesn’t turn on, it could be because of some electrical problems.

Leaking Issues:

Nobody likes a mess! If there’s water on the floor around your washer, it might be because of holes or gaps in the machine’s parts, like the seals or hoses.

Our team is very good at fixing all these problems. So, if your washer is not working right, don’t worry! We will take care of it. We ensure you get the best washer and dryer repair in San Diego, CA. Our goal is to make your machines work like new again!

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Why San Diego Trusts Multi Appliance Repair Inc


There’s a big reason folks think of us first when they need affordable washer repair in San Diego. Let’s talk about it.

Experienced Technicians: Think of our team like superheroes, but for fixing things. Everyone knows much about fixing broken electronic things, like washers and dryers. So, when they come to help, they make sure your machine works like new again. We always make sure they’re the best at what they do.

Fair Pricing: Everybody likes saving money, right? We make sure you get a good deal. That means we don’t charge you extra or add surprise fees. We believe in being honest and giving you a good price for the service. It’s like getting a big scoop of ice cream but not paying extra!

Swift Service: Imagine you have a big pile of dirty clothes, and your washer stops working. That’s a problem! We know that you want things fixed quickly. So, we come to help you as fast as a racecar. We want you to get back to your everyday life soon.

Honest Feedback: Let’s say your washer is very old, and fixing it might cost more than buying a new one. We’ll tell you that. We won’t tell you to fix something if it’s not the best thing for you. We’ll let you know if your toy is too broken and getting a new one is better.

Quality Workmanship: Think of our work like a beautiful painting. It looks good, and it lasts long. A lot of people in San Diego have been happy with our work. If you don’t believe us, just ask them! Our work is like when you do a school project, and your teacher gives you a gold star because it’s good.

So, the next time you think about washer or Dryer repair San Diego, remember Multi Appliance Repair Inc. We’re here to ensure your machines run smoothly and your day goes on without a hitch!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Besides washer repair San Diego, do you offer any other services?

A: Absolutely! We also provide Dryer Repair in San Diego and other electronic appliance repairs. We aim to be your one-stop solution for all appliance troubles.

Is there any warranty on the washer repair San Diego services you carry out?

Yes, all our repairs come with a specific warranty period. The duration varies based on the type of repair. Rest assured; we stand by our work.

 What brands do you service?

We service a wide range of washer brands. Whether it’s a well-known or lesser-known brand, our technicians have the expertise to handle them all.

How do I schedule a service appointment?

Simply give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website. Our team will be in touch to schedule a convenient time for you.

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Our Testimonials

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Alice Diaz
stars iconSeptember 19, 2023
He was very nice and checked out my washing machine fully but the cost to fix it was too high and I told him am just going to buy a new one. Great service!
Yvonne Mckenzie
stars iconMay 23, 2023
I am 100% pleased with how quickly this company responded to my call and sent Slava over to diagnose my washer plus serviced my dryer as well. Slava was friendly, professional and efficient. I would highly recommend this company.
Michael Johnson
stars iconMay 22, 2023
Quick and easy. Our problem was mostly user error and our rep showed us exactly how to handle it in the future.
John Petrosky
stars iconMay 20, 2023
Ozzi the technician was excellent!
Marsha Weaver
stars iconMay 19, 2023
Alex did a great job and was most helpful.
David Robertson
stars iconMay 18, 2023
Totally satisfied with technicians professionalism
Suzie Baza
stars iconMay 16, 2023
Repairman was very responsive and explained his work very well.
stars iconMay 10, 2023
Amazing service and follow up
Susan Thomas
stars iconMay 10, 2023
Best appliance company! They answered the call quickly, came out the same day and the technician was very knowledgeable and polite.
Todd Eichmann
stars iconApril 23, 2023
Excellent service, knowledge and work!
Al Reyes
stars iconApril 21, 2023
Very professional. Speedy and efficient.
Kate Keener
stars iconApril 21, 2023
Thank for the quick fix of our dryer.
William Albion
stars iconApril 21, 2023
Erik is San outstanding technician. Very knowledgeable and engaging. His friendly demeanor as well as his technical skills, makes him a positive representative for your company.
Michael Ruden
stars iconApril 20, 2023
Alex was very conscientious about the job and was thorough and honest about what was wrong with our washer. We will always be using you in the future.