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Professional Sub-Zero Service

Sub-Zero refrigerators are a marvel of high technology. If you need a Sub-Zero fridge repair, then choose the best techs. Such a reliable company is Multi Appliance. Please note that this brand of refrigerators belongs to the premium segment, so spare parts for this appliance are very expensive. To ensure that your budget does not suffer unduly, you must opt ​​for our Sub Zero repair service. Our dedicated vehicles are always stocked with parts and we can fix your Sub-Zero refrigerator the same day.

Sub-Zero refrigerator repair service


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Refrigerator Or Freezer Unit Has Frosted Up

After some time, you may notice that your Sub-Zero refrigerator has frosted up around the cooling element. This is a problem because it can adversely affect cooling performance and puts more pressure on the motor. It also takes up space in your appliance’s internals, leaving less space for food storage.

Your Refrigerator Runs For Longer Than Usual

Sub-Zero refrigerators should run only when the temperature rises above the level you set. The rest of the time, they rely on insulation to keep your food chilled. Sometimes, though, you may notice that your refrigerator continues running for long periods, which can be a little disconcerting.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Not Operating

Occasionally, Sub-Zero refrigerators will stop working entirely. Don't assume the unit has come to the end of its useful life. Simple fixes can often resolve the problem: check that the power to the unit is on, check that the refrigerator control is on, check that the unit is not in showroom mode.

Light Bulb Requires Replacement

The lightbulb could fail in either the drawer or top compartment. And when this happens, you can’t see your food as clearly. Here’s the fix: replace top compartment light with a standard 40-watt bulb – code 3030030, replace the drawer compartment light with a standard 25-watt bulb – code 3030060.

Choose Our Sub-Zero Service

Our service staff have received the most current Sub-Zero certification and Sub-Zero training and have the ability to do any job no matter the need. The Sub-Zero fridges have become more technologically driven and require specific repair.