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Gas Cooktop Repair

Multi Appliance Services company offers one of the most dependable and budget-friendly gas cooktop repair services that you can find in the entire San Diego area. We are renowned for our attention to detail and the friendly attitude of our staff.

If your kitchen appliances aren’t needing a repair, but simply a tune-up or inspection, schedule stove, cooktop and range maintenance with our technicians today.

  • Appointment Updates
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Licensed, Insured, Bonded

When it comes to the modern conveniences of a kitchen, the stove, or range is often the key to an enjoyable cooking experience. After all, home-cooked meals are a great way to bring family and friends together. We make it our mission to quickly identify the issue and provide an effective solution. We repair all types of gas stoves, and ranges — and when it comes to quality services, we really bring the heat!

Electrical Range Service

Whether you have an electric cooktop built into your cooking range or a standalone electric cooktop, this design offers great cooking capabilities to the modern home. But like any other appliance, electric cooktops can face problems in need of maintenance and repairs.

Many common repair projects can be solved on your own, but for effective, long-lasting solutions, you can count on a professional home appliance repair technician to get the job done.

  • Electric Coils Won’t Heat
  • Cannot Adjust The Temperature Of Burners
  • Indicator Lights Won’t Turn On

Commercial Stove Repair

Our commercial appliance team provides specialized service on your whole commercial range and stove appliances. Many businesses that use commercial stoves and ranges to maintain their business operations, the convenience of having a professional commercial stove and range repair specialist is necessary.

No corner from the inside and outside goes unnoticed when we perform a thorough diagnostics on your commercial stove and range.

  • Restaurant Ranges
  • Induction Cooktops
  • Heavy Duty Ranges

Cooktop Installations

A lot of different factors can affect the cost of cooktop installation. The first factor is the type of cooktop you want i.e. gas or electric. Other factors that can increase or decrease the costs for you include cooktop with or without an oven, number of burners, the complexity of the task, difficulty in removing the old installation, etc.

Installing a cooktop is always the job of an expert. Cooktops work with 3-phase electricity. Book your appointment online now and you’ll soon be cooking for yourself, your family and friends.

  • Built-in Mounting
  • Gas Supply Connection
  • Electric Line Connection

Stove Cleaning Service

For our regular customers, we will always clean your oven's exterior and keep it looking great (including the front, top, and hood). However, if you would like a more thorough oven cleaning, we can help!

When we perform a top-to-bottom oven cleaning, we will inspect the appliance, use our environmentally responsible products, clean the racks and liners, and remove carbon deposits and baked on grime.

  • Clean Stove Using Less Energy
  • Fire Risk From Carbonized Grease is Reduced
  • No More Awful Smells or Smoke

Ranges Parts

Our company is proud to stock all of the major range/stove/cooktop parts will need to make just about fix if you have any issues with your cooking appliances.

With all of the main brands covered, including Kenmore, GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and Maytag, we can find the right part if you find that your range, stove, or oven is not working the way it should.

  • Fully Stocked Vans
  • Warranty on Installed Parts
  • We Fix all Brands