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Professional LG Service

Americans are buying more and more LG appliances. It would seem, what does LG cost to establish a decent service. But no, if your LG breaks down, it will be very difficult for you to get quality service. However, do not despair, our company is working on solving these problems. Contact the Multi Service and we will repair any LG equipment.

LG appliance repair service









LG Refrigerators Services

LG refrigerators are present in almost all retail chains. It is in high demand due to its low price, but when it comes to renovations, you have to sweat. Few people will be able to repair this fragile device.

Our company has all the factors you need for your LG. These are both factory-trained technicians and the necessary tools. If you notice such symptoms, then you can contact us.

  • Freezer isn't cold enough
  • Does not turn on
  • Ice Maker is overflowing
  • It is not cycling off even after reaching the temperature
  • Water dispenser not working
  • Fresh food compartment is warming up
Our LG repair technician

Of course, when buying an LG fridge, the seller assured you that the warranty covers any repairs, but this is a common deception. LG provides only spare parts for free, and you will have to wait up to a month for free service. And how to live with a non-working refrigerator? Our technicians order the necessary part from LG, install it and give a guarantee for labor.

LG Washer Service

LG washing machines are an affordable alternative to traditional American brands. However, the relative cheapness is due to the use of cheaper parts. Therefore, these cute and technologically advanced devices often fail.

Of course, fixing your LG washing machine is not a problem for any of our technicians. We have repaired hundreds of washing machines and will promptly fix the breakdown. Call if your car behaves this way.

  • Leaks
  • Does Not Run
  • Shakes or Vibrates
  • Does not Agitate or Spin Properly

LG Dishwashers Service

Very often, if your LG dishwasher breaks down, it's easier to buy a new appliance. But don't despair, we at the company invest as much as possible to get your appliance back in working order.

Don't rush to throw your old LG dishwasher in the trash, contact us for help if you notice this.

  • Not cleaningLeaking Not draining
  • Leaking Not draining
  • Not draining
  • Buttons not working

LG Gas/Electric Dryers Service

It would seem that it will be easier than fixing the LG dryer. In principle, this is true, but consider the features of this LG appliance, otherwise you will have to buy a new dryer.

If you need high-quality repair of the LG dryer, do not pass by, but order a repair right now. Here are the possible breakdowns:

  • Won't Heat
  • Cuts off After a Short Period
  • Clothes Are Covered With Lint
  • Won't Start
  • Making Unusual Noise

LG Stove Service

Homemade food is especially delicious, and a broken stove can get in the way of a traditional family weekend meal. It doesn't matter, we will preserve your family values.

Our experts are ready to meet your needs with a warm smile and a competitive price. Check out our special offers for your LG. If you notice the following problem, call us:

  • Gas won't light
  • Long to Heat Up
  • Igniter isn't clicking
  • Electric top isn't working

LG Oven Service

Oven-baked dishes are considered a delicacy. The food cooked in the LG oven are especially tasty. But trouble happens in the oven and it stops working.

In such cases, leave your panic and dial our company number. We will definitely repair your oven.

  • Won’t Heat
  • The Gas Burner Won’t Light
  • The Interior Light Is Out
  • Door Won’t Shut