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French Door Fridge Service

If your refrigerator stops working you can lose quite an expensive amount of goods or groceries, so an emergency fridge repair is required. Luckily, Multi Appliances Service offers 24/7 on call service whenever you need it, so you can save money for more important things.

Customers come first, which means there are always enough guys on call to keep everyone happy and taken care of. We will quickly and efficiently replace parts for your refrigerator.

  • Ice maker replacement
  • Installation of a new compressor
  • Minor repair and replacement small parts
Refrigerator Service

Affordable is the name of the game when it comes to Multi Appliances Service. That’s right, our prices are reasonable and easily understood. If you want a breakdown of your bill and what we have done then our technicians will happily take the time to do so.

Commercial Refrigerator Repair

Multi Appliance Services trained, certified technicians provide complete service and repairs for all of your commercial refrigeration equipment. Our technicians can minimize or eliminate unplanned downtime with planned maintenance, but they can show up fast in emergency situation.

We work on all kinds of commercial refrigeration equipment, with extensive training for the service and repair.

  • Walk-In Coolers
  • Reach-In Refrigerators
  • Prep Tables

Wine Coolers Services

An inspection of the wine cooler by our licensed tech will inform you of the elements that require repair to return your system to a balanced state. We do also recommend scheduled system maintenance which results in optimum performance.

Our technicians are skilled in fixing the wine coolers of any type, brand and model. We can restore a wide range of wine coolers:

  • Single zone
  • Compressor-based
  • Dual zone

Build in Fridge Repair

While build in refrigerators tend to be longer-lasting and more durable than other household appliances, we still see a number of common issues that either require a repair or cause a build in fridge the need to be replaced.

None of these issues necessarily mean that a refrigerator is on its last legs, though the older the refrigerator, the more likely it needs to be replaced.

  • The freezer is not freezing food or is experiencing ice buildup
  • Water is pooling on the floor around the fridge
  • The refrigerator is making louder-than-normal noises

Freezer Service

Our trained service technicians can analyze the problem. We also offer preventive maintenance plans that can help save you money in the long run by minimizing the chance of inconvenient break-downs.

Before calling one of our technicians, there are a couple of troubleshooting basics you can do.

  • Check the controls and pressures – there could be an issue
  • Is the fan rotating freely?
  • Unit is freezing up? There could be an issue with the evaporator

Ice Machine Repair

Keeping things cool and offering a large store of ice cubes at-the-ready, commercial ice machines offer the ultimate convenience. If you are having trouble with this appliance—whether it has stopped working completely or it’s just not performing like it used to— call Multi Appliance immediately.

We can fix almost any kind of commercial ice machines of different brands and modifications including:

  • Half-Cube
  • Specialty
  • Nugget